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Het was Zondag in het Zuiden

Spectacular musical with music by Rowwen Heze, starring Buddy Vedder and Renée van Wegberg

It was Sunday in the South is the Dutch spectacle musical with music by Rowwen Hèze about the high tide in Limburg. No fewer than 65,000 visitors attended the spectacular musical in the summer of 2023. Due to the great interest, the musical can be seen again for six weeks from June 5, 2024 in the Open Air Theater De Doolhof in Tegelen. A large part of the cast, including Buddy Vedder, Renée van Wegberg, Suzan Seegers and Hein van der Heijden, returns. Lone van Roosendaal and Esmée Dekker have been added to the cast.

Saint Anthony takes us to December 1993. A turbulent time. What started as a high water level in the Maas grew within a few days into a flood that completely overwhelmed Limburg. And at the same time brought them closer together than ever.

Radio journalist Sarah sees the troubled Maas as the opportunity for a great report, the breakthrough in her career. But the radio editors of Omroep Limburg think differently about this. Sarah's parents try to protect their farm and the animals at all costs. Evacuation is not an option, even if the army demands it. Their eldest daughter Irene travels to the Netherlands to support them. A town council meets to protect the village. According to his council members, Mayor Ruiters is lagging behind, despite all his efforts. They increase the pressure. Until he suddenly disappears without a trace.

The audience about It was Sunday in the South: 'What a beautiful decor, great effects, super cast and musicians. Kudos to the way in which Rowwen Hèze's songs have been incorporated into the story. It seems as if they were written especially for this musical. We enjoyed the whole thing, decor, actors, music and the rain. It was like being in the middle of a flood disaster. A top evening that allows you as an actor to enjoy everything that happens on stage. Highly recommended.'

More information via www.hetwaszondaginhetzuiden.nl

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